04/ Theater Design

ETC/Gio (Light Board)  Adobe Creative Suite  Scenic Design  Graphic Design  Light Design  Vectorworks

Creating interactive scenic and light design for theater productions at Princeton University.

Late Bloomer (2021), directed by Elena Araoz. Photo by Lewis Center of the Arts.

For Princeton University’s Lewis Center of the Arts, I worked as a scenic and light designer for major department productions. During my time, I worked on three productions: Feminine Products (2019, Black Box Theater), Unbecoming (2020, Filmed Production through Lewis Center of The Arts) and Early Decision/Late Bloomer (2021, Berlind Theater).


Working in design, I often work not just in the scenic or light, but also graphic and marketing. The image above is an example of some photography and graphic design I did for “Feminine Products” (2019)

01/ Visual Brainstorming  

A major part of my process is working with my director to find a visual language to best represent the work. In all of my scenic or light design, I create mood-boards based on art historical sources, architecture and photographs I take daily to build a visual language.

02/ Drawing & Modeling

In this stage,  I use my visual research to start experimenting with possible ideas around the way my scenic or light design will manifest. I particularly lean on drawing on my tablet as well as physically gathering materials to experiment with sculpture and texture.

03/ Drafting

Once I’ve hand drawn concept ideas, I worked with technical directors to help realize my vision in Vectorworks. Here are a few examples of my work.

Drafting for scenic of Feminine Products (2019). In this draft, I worked specifically to make sure the bedroom was clearly labeled. Given I had specific light fittings based on the set, I needed the placings to be clear, especially the placement of the door (of the bedroom)

04/ Final Results

 Thank you for being here! I’m excited for you to see my work!