I am a human centered: 
experience designer, web designer, production designer

Hi, I’m Izzy. Track and Field moved me to the US in 2018 to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at Princeton University. Growing up in a small London suburb, I was inspired by my education to explore the world of design through theatre and the arts. Over time, I changed from “Issie” to “Izzy”, the (slightly) less sports obsessed student with a desire to lead, discover, design and storytell.

Beginning in my undergraduate studies, my work has examined the intersections of design, art, technology and human-centered engineering. I strive to create interactive, fun and accessible design experiences. I envision design which are exploratory and exciting, as well as clear and research driven. My most recent work is an interactive educational website for international students interested in moving to the States in NCAA scholarship. I use my skills to redesign and refine technological interfaces and physical spaces to better engage users. My technical depth of design proficiencies make me diverse and open-minded as both a creator and researcher.

Thank you for being here! I’m excited for you to see my work!