Radical Composition: An Exhibition of Visual Frequencies

Princeton University Lewis Center of the Arts, CoLab Gallery, April 2022

Lighting Design & Co-Curation 


Professor Campt challenged her class to exhibit the physical and virtual objects created as part to her week-to-week classwork. The contrast of the physical-to-virtual was a problem. The physical objects required light, while the computer screen’s and projection monitor needed darkness. 

The light needed to prioritize each work equally, while leaving some darkness to reflect the serious subject matter of the emotionally charged pieces of work which explored race and societal inequities in American history. 


Instead of creating complete darkness, I decided to introduce very limited natural light while keeping the house lights dim. I attached miniature theatrical LED’s to each of the flat and sculptural works, as well as major titles.

I adjusted the color of the lights depending on the exhibit. These ranged from warm light for the walls, to cold blue light for the floor.