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An application which helps high-level track & field athletes monitor their training progress throughout the year.



As a track and field athlete competing and training at the highest level, I saw a gap in the market for an efficient, clear and personalized input application for athletes. Track athletes will often train over a 5-month period with no competition. It is difficult for them to track and understand where they are, whether they are improving, or if their training has become stagnant. TRK intends to help athletes with this challenge and empower them to take control of their performance year-long.

01/ Usability & Research  

Before doing any extensive drawings or mock-ups, I conducted research amongst athletes who may be interested in my service. These conversations helped me understand that the application should be very singular in its purpose - a data input application which makes calculations on improvements throughout the year. My first iterations of ideas surrounded how I’d create the data-input page, and how I’d create a data output page when the user has completed their task. The plan from the very start of this process was to show both short-term summaries of the workout, as well as long-term comparisons to other previous workouts in the app.

Before doing any high-fidelity work on figma, I always do drawings in pen to allow me to brainstorm ideas and make mistakes.  


02/ High Fidelity Mock-Ups

My process with the usability was based entirley in universal design principles and how to make the app as clear as possible for users. Knowing that many users would log onto the app very soon after a workout, I have to take inot consideration issues such as fatigue. If I want people to use TRK, I’m going to have to make the user input stage extremly usable. From my previous work, I decided to abandon some of those early ideas on branding and color-schemes. I decided to create a high-fidelity prototype which incorporated understated branding and a basic color-scheme, to allow me to map out my user flow and how this would look and feel.



 Thank you for being here! I’m excited for you to see my work!