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A play exploring about translation, motherhood and traditional femininity. Filmed in an outdoor setting under Covid-19 protocols.



Unbecoming, written by Emma Watkins, tells the story of a woman who reckons with her own creative ambitions amongst the 19th-century expectations of marriage and motherhood. Directed by Eliana Cohen-Orth, I worked as the scenic designer for the project. I also physically manufactured the flower designs for the outdoor setting, all under Covid-19 protocols.

Photos by Catherine Watkins. 

Unbecmoing was filmed in Princeton, NJ, and produced by Lewis Center of the Arts, Princeton University.
Play by Emma C. Watkins
Director: Eliana Cohen-Orth
Costume Design: Noelle Quanci
Light Design: Naomi Park
Sound Design: Minjae Kim
Music Direction: Halle Mitchell
Choreography: Ruth Schultz
Stage Manger: Nora Aguiar
Composer: Delaney McMahon
Video: Adam Olkin

 Thank you for being here! I’m excited for you to see my work!